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Opening Ceremony of the new HB4FR exhibition, part of the Swiss Air Force Museum"Clin d'Ailes"

The picture shows our two illustrious members

and a legendary radio station

Left: Dr. Max de Henseler (HB9RS)
His collection of historic radio is being exposed

Right: Astronaut Claude Nicollier, HB9CN

The radio between the two men is a short-wave SE-402 (transmitter-receiver 402), formerly used in the Swiss army. These devices have been sold by the Americans in the post-war surplus under the name SCR-499/A. It is a station built on the basis of amateur radio Hallicrafters HT-4 and the tuning device AT-3, combined with receivers "Signal Corps" and BC-342 BC-312. In Switzerland the army station covered first the name SM46 and later SE 402.

Our exhibition


Currently, our exhibition contains the historical collection for "Hallicrafters" belonging to Max Henseler, HB9RS. The jewel of the collection is the radio station SE-402.

Memento "La collection HB4FR" from Dr Max de Henseler, HB9RS (currently only in French)

Click on the marquee to get to the memento which is an attempt to present in a nutshell a pictorial inventory of a selection of the best specimens of the collection arranged in chronological order, retracing the history of the Hallicrafters’ production.

The pictures are for the most part taken from existing advertising material. Technical descriptions have been kept to a minimum, so for further details visit these wonderful internet sites :


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