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Nous voulons intéresser les jeunes pour les sciences, la technologie et la radio
Wir wollen die Jugend für die Wissenschaft, die Technik und den Amateurfunk interessieren
We want to interest young people in sciences, technology and radio
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INFO - QSL-cards and Awards

Below you will find everything worth knowing about our different QSL cards and certificates, the QSLL policies and the conditions for the acquisition of the awards.


Our current QSL card
(Jet Hawker Hunter Trainer MK68 of the Clin d'Ailes Museum on the edge of supersonic)



Our HB9SAPCE QSL card (double-size, folded)

Policies for a QSL-card exchange with HB4FR, HB9SOLAR et HB9SAPCE :

We confirm all  QSO.

Please send your QSL card, preferably via Bureau, to "HB9ACA"  our HB4FR QSL-Manager .

Due to the large interest in our special call, all around the world, the  board of the club has decided to accept direct QSL cards.
Pse send ur card with 1 SAE (format C-6 ISO or A-6 North American Size) and
- for EUROPE: 1 IRC, 2 Euro or 2 GS
-  for outside EUROPE: 1 IRC acquired in a country outside of Europe, or 2 IRC acquired in a non European country, or 3 "Greenstamps".

Send your QSL-card to our QSL Manager


HB9SAPCE AWARD (Gold edition)


Our HB9SPACE-Awards in bronze, silver and gold are delivered to OM’s that have made a QSO with HB9SPACE.
Three QSO for bronze, four QSO for silver respectively five QSO for gold in different years during the World Space Week (October 4  to 10 and special events).

Two ways to get the Award:

  • As a plasticized diploma, sent by mail to your postal address, in which  case you must include a fee of US$ 10 and provide your complete postal  address
  • The Award as a PDF document sent to you via e-mail without any fee (do not forget to include your e-mail address).

How to apply for:

Apply for the appropriate degree by sending a logbook excerpt and indicating your choice to our QSL-Manager.

HAM Radio :
Amateur Radio is „Communications Superpower".
The Radio Amateurs are the eyes and the ears of the
world in time when all other information channels are silent.

(Kristalina Georgieva, EU-Commissioner)
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