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Nous voulons intéresser les jeunes pour les sciences, la technologie et la radio
Wir wollen die Jugend für die Wissenschaft, die Technik und den Amateurfunk interessieren
We want to interest young people in sciences, technology and radio
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Activities - HB8DELOY
Operation « HB8DELOY»

100 years ago, the great triumph of amateur radio!

It's done, my friends: now we're in permanent contact with Europe
thanks to our amateur radio stations, exclaimed the enthusiastic editor of the
ARRL's QST in this magazine!

And he continued: « For the first time in history, we have made short-wave QSOs with a European amateur - a French one in this case, and for the first time, amateurs from distant foreign countries have been able to talk to each other and exchange information ». In fact, on 27 November 1923, at 9.30pm EST, two-way short-wave radio contact took place for the first time between radio amateurs on either side of the ocean, between Hartford, Connecticut, USA and Nice, in the south of France.

The HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club will be on the amateur radio bands at various times during the period of
01 November to 31 December 2023
in honour of these enthusiastic short-wave pioneers, their sense of adventure, perseverance and sacrifice, with
the special callsign HB8DELOY

The operator in Nice was OM Léon Deloy, 8AB

Who was Léon Déloy?

OM Léon was born on 4 February 1894 in Paris.

He was a marksman and a pioneer of amateur radio.

He came 9th in the 1924 Olympics in Paris and was European champion in 1930.

In 1921, he obtained authorisation to operate an amateur radio station with the call sign (F)8AB, which he kept for the rest of his life.

At the request of General Férrié, he was awarded the Légion d'honneur.

OM Léon died on 21 January 1969 in Monaco.

8AB transmitter (credit ARRL)

The operator in Hartford was OM Fred H. Schnell, 1MO

 Fred Schnell with his rig (credit ARRL)

1MO transmitter (credit ARRL)



HAM Radio :
Amateur Radio is „Communications Superpower".
The Radio Amateurs are the eyes and the ears of the
world in time when all other information channels are silent.

(Kristalina Georgieva, EU-Commissioner)
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